How can teachers maintain their commitment to improving student learning, develop their own professional knowledge and enjoy a sense of professional wellbeing?

There is growing evidence that a significant part of the answer lies in teaches working together in professional learning teams.

As part of our continual focus open school improvement, the Loddon Mallee Region has launched a professional learning team project called Triads.
The project focuses on teachers working in a spirit of openness and critical refection, sharing experiences, ideas and expertise and engaging in an ongoing process of inquiry that promotes deep team learning around what students do, say, make and write. It provides schools with the information and resources they require to establish effective professional learning teams within their context.

The Triads model involves teachers working in groups of three (Triads) to develop their understanding of student learning and to work together to improve the outcomes of their students. When Triads are operating effectively, they have the power to change the culture of schools and to make continuous improvement, not only possible, but manageable and enjoyable.

Professional Learning Teams, formed from the combination of two or three Triads, are established to foster a culture of collaboration and collective responsibility for the development of effective teaching practices. The professional learning teams are responsible for analysing student data, preparing action plans, implementing changes in teacher practice, and evaluating the impact of their work on student learning.

‘To create a professional learning community, focus on learning rather than teaching, work collaboratively and hold yourself accountable for the results.’ Richard duFour