Teachers Review Instruction and Differentiate Strategies

  • To improve teacher practice
  • To improve student outcomes based on data and evidence
  • To inform instruction
  • To structure approaches for differentiated and explicit instruction

  • made up of 3 teachers (4 to accommodate numbers)
  • To meet weekly/fortnightly/regularly
  • vertical or horizontal groupings - school based decision
  • facilitation of Triad meetings rotated

The work of the Triad:
  • To work collaboratively with other teachers Ways of Working Together
  • To use evidence to move students on by adopting an "evidence only" rule
  • Based around student work and teacher practice - theory of action: observe - review - plan

Key Questions
  • What are the teacher's doing and saying?
  • What are the student's doing and saying?
  • What is the task?
  • What did you see or hear that made you think that?
  • What's the evidence?