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Bloom's Affective Taxonomy
Updated versions from Patrick:

Professional Learning Approaches- DEECD website: Professional Learning for teachers is varied and responsive to individuals' needs. Structured programs are available alongside more flexible programs where teachers identify their own learning needs. To compliment the variety of programs, there are a number of approaches to learning which can be tailored appropriately to fit the individuals' requirements -
The following link provides reading on Action research,

The following link to a ppt has some good guiding questions for professional learning -a starting point

**Harvard Graduate School of Education website:**
there are some very powerful readings and ideas on this website that would support e5. It would be a useful starting point or follow for teams to read and discuss.

Powerful Learning Teams

This is a blog post that raises ideas and questions about professional development for teachers and makes some connections with the idea of Powerful Learning Practice as developed by Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum Beach. Involvement in this Powerful Learning Practice, program will be available to teams of teachers in the Loddon Mallee shortly.

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e5 book
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