Meeting 3. May 29th

meeting notes
the aim is to get this project
we could add powerful artifacts such as e5
we may work with the team to help them to understand what is the purpose of the enteprise
why are we introducing a powerpoint? - to train people
handbook- to help people go abot their work
resources-to allow people to take it further
we can publish this document - but do we need to edit this documente
much of the current handbook is brilliantly clear and others which is not clear yet
this is a good start-
the aim is to try it in 6 schools next semester
in the application, we must ensure that all staff are on board.
Julie: sees the need for two ppt.s to deliver the explicit message to principals
then send out a memo (take about a month)
do we need to produce a PPT for prins to take back to their school
regional staff need to be present to support prins when they speak to staff
Kim- what would be the criteria for choice
are we limiting it to 6 large schools- we are looking for schools where it is fairly challenging - a mix of primary and secondary school,
they must be able to sell it to every staff member.
Julie: would we consider a school who would like neighbourhoods to work with.
Kim: if we do then there must be a commitment that will indicate that they will scale it to the rest of the school.

the documents have to have the big message, it is data that drives student learning, we need to
it's about yusign data with a group of teachers who have some students in common, they bring data to the table to say that theere is a learning issue here, what are the intervention strateigies, and how will we know that we are making a difference
we could bring in student vioce
triads- 1000 each to buy some time, resources
activities whre they observe each toher , birng data to the table and ask how we lift this data,
Pat Griffin- it's about challenge, not sharing, data driving the issue,
the PLTs are to show that it is a wider shcool issue
in a school where this is poiloted there needs to be ana greement about what tests are used
Ron- get rid of the models, just work on Elmore's work
we need a statement about where this fits with the regional strategy
e5, elmores three part model
Region is prepared to fund this in a large number of schools, and pay the schools with some guarentee that it will continue . coaching in powerful but in most schools there is not the skill and cleverness to make it school wide
this model is is a way to make every teacher in a school involved and accountable.
the leadership team will
griffin and elmore will drive the work- it fits in with the effective schools model.- this is all we need but we have the others to refer to
patrick griffins work provide the stimulus, but his model is different to Elmores work and the Intructional rounds publication

is the emphais
the triad is about observation, feedback with s focus on student work, close to the classroom, triads study groiup, they undertake observation- waht are students doing making saying and look at this evidence- the leader would rotate, each triad should be independant
they need help to observe non judgementally

PLT is a broader view, more data specific, what do we need to do as a team to lift the data. e.g all of hte year 1 teachers get together and talk about what
who trains the triads, Julie sees the team leader
the triad training might be for the whole school to run, the leadership team will train everyone, then it become consistent across the school
there needs to be a training for principals in how they trian their staff, weekly meeting
who is going to train the leaders, the triads,
can we align this with the performance and development culture- this would keep it familiar.- use this as a hook, a selling point

where does the challenge come from? in both triads- it is high level challenge, peer coaching approach to problem solving, could use the peer coaching model that we already have, and in PLT
when those three triads come together they will be bringing
in the PLT there is more problem solving, a place to ask questions around what can we do, where do we go next,
PLTs meet at least twice a term, we need to provide guidelines about how to provide release and organisation but we need to remember that we are providing money to buy time for the PLT
how can we organise the triad meetings - to happen fortnightly- a preferecne for weekly but probably fortnightly
ultimately we want the teachers to be taking responsiblity