PLT Reference Group Meeting held Friday June 5th ‘09

Present: Jill Fitzgerald, Heather Odgers, Cindi Bruechert, Helen Dyer, Julie Baker, Kim Saddlier, Delene Commerford, John Sloan.
Apologies: Anne Baird, Heather Ridge, Leanne Preece (overseas)

The team reviewed the handbook.
Does the handbook reflect what we want to say?
As a whole document, does it connect with everyone?

The following statements/suggestions were made from the group.

· The watermark is a great idea but needs to be lighter as it is overpowering the written component.
· Do we need to balance the amount of content on each page?
· We like the structure of each page e.g. headings (role, structure, tools)
· Need to have page numbers.
· We need the overview but maybe we need to have a ‘nutshell’ statement on Page 1 (Overview page)
· What is the ‘nuts & bolts’ of this document? If I was a teacher, would I get the meaning?
· The purpose needs refining – shortening.
· Fonts/size all need to be the same.
· Each page should have a summary.
· Where does the theory fit? Does it connect?
· Ruth Sloan would be someone who would be good (if time permitted) at proofreading this document.
· Summaries at side of each page to be shaded to make it distinctly separate from the main content.
· That the pages need to be double spreads so that the content does not continue over the next page.


  • The ‘nutshell’ statement to be incorporated into Ron’s conversation to the Region. JOHN to draft this statement and show Ron.
  • Project Overview to be placed on the side.
  • Change title of diagram to Triad – Professional Learning Team Model

PAGE TWO - Purpose
  • Delete all of Purpose statement except for paragraph 2 which reads ‘As part of our continual focus………..and teacher triads within their context’
  • Put this revised purpose statement inside the front cover.

  • Instead of Theory as a heading change to Underlying Framework.
  • Take out Moral Purpose and Zone of Proximal Development and use this information within the training package.
  • Incorporate some of the theory into Ron’s conversation to the region
  • Reword the current summary under the title of Theory. Possibly to…. …The Loddon Mallee Triad Professional Learning Team Model draws together the research base of Elmore,e5,Fullan &Vygotsky …..???
  • The Instructional Core diagram (student, teacher, content) needs to have an obvious title attached to it…perhaps underneath it?

PAGE FOUR – Whole School Improvement

· Heather O to fine tune the Whole School Improvement page – make a ‘nutshell’ statement for side summary.
· Data/evidence - dot point what assessment is to be used. All Year 3 to Year 8 students are to be assessed….
· Do not delete Numeracy and General Mathematics in the statement.
· Question?? Where does the theory fit? Does it connect?


· Brightly coloured Triads page – to be placed as back cover and colours reversed to match the blue/purple front cover.
· Take Triangle out which states ‘Triad members rotate roles each week…’


· Shade the summary area.
· 2nd paragraph - change last line. The meetings will adhere to a strict agenda and protocols.
· Delete – paragraph under title ‘Theory of Action’.
· Graphic – put statements from the circular graphic (Review Observe Plan) at the bottom of the page under the headings.
· Move/rotate graphic so that it reflects that the order should be REFLECT, then PLAN then OBSERVE.
· Also change the order of the terms at the bottom of the page to show 1. Reflect. 2. Plan 3. Observe.
· Under the heading OBSERVE change ‘take in turns’ to ‘alternate’ e.g. Triads team members alternate week about…..
· Under the heading ‘The work of the Triad’ in the side summary we need to change 1st dot point. Change wording from ‘To work collaboratively with other teachers’ to ‘Finding ways of working with each other’ – then Delete Appendix A.


· Helen to refine PLT pages
· Delete Richard D Four quote
· Headings of Aim, Structure, & Work to be added to this section
· Keep P&D Culture Draft 2009 at the side as it ties it all together.


Kim to
· Change title to Leadership
· Needs opening statement……”the work of Leadership……”
· Include the fact that Leaders will forms their own Triads.
· The diagram needs to be placed at the top.
· The last dot point under Team Leader Role re: Culture of challenge vs Culture of sharing to be the 1st dot point
· Have the headings Aim, Structure, & Work ready for the side summary.
· Change the wording of responsibilities in the headings to Leadership.
· Change the order 1. Professional Learning Team Leaders 2. School leadership 3 Regional Leadership


· Appendix A - Delete Ways of Working Together
· Appendix B
o Need to place TRIAD within the title of this Observation Proforma
o Change 3rd box FROM ‘How did the Learning Take Place’ TO ‘What is the task?’ also ADD Elmore’s quote “The task predicts performance”
o Lots of discussion around the last box in this proforma re: contemporary tools supporting learning but have decided to leave as is.

· Appendix C -
o We need to work on review. (may need to incorporate some prompts from the coaching handout that current coaches have)
o Change title to Triad Review

· Appendix D - Change title. Triad – Student Learning Team Plan

Could we have a footnote of the 3P’s running at the bottom of the proformas?

· Frequently Asked Questions - Kim to organize this section under the various headings

The PowerPoint presentation

· The Breakthrough Model has formed the basis for all our Literacy and Numeracy initiatives in the Loddon Mallee Region
· Could have key dot points under each theory/model.
· Observe, review, Plan title to be changed to a ‘Culture of change
· Expression of Interest – a proforma will be released calling for expression of interest.
· We will need to have a PowerPoint for
o RD’s meeting
o For Principals to use with staff
· The PowerPoint for Principals to use with their staff will need to have hyperlinks to all documents etc. We see a need for RNL’s to be involved in this process.

Will need to have the PowerPoint presentations ready for the week beginning July 13th (1st week Term 3)


Term 3 - spend Term 3 delivering the message
  • R.D. meeting, RNL’s & Prins, schools
  • Accept expressions of Interest
  • Present Training Package - Train Professional Learning Team Leaders
  • Each teacher gets a pamphlet (Helen’s prototype)
  • Each school gets 1 copy of the Handbook
  • When a school is accepted into the program/trial then they get more handbooks enough for each teacher.

Term 4
  • We’re ready to go!!