Frequently Asked Questions


Do all staff need to participate in this initiative?
In an ideal scenario the whole school would be participants. However, the region would consider supporting the initiative with a group of teachers who have agreed to work together - ie. a learning community.

How do schools 'fit' this initiative in?
It is the Principal's responsibility to resource the initiative in a way in which the initiave easily fits into the daily workings of a teacher.

How will we know if the project is successful?
The staff survey should indicate higher levels of satisfaction in a range of variables but particuarly in staff morale, teacher satisfaction, professional interaction etc. Student engagement variables should also be elevated.

What is the life span of this initiative?
The region is supporting the initiative initially for a duration of 2 years. A period of evaluation would follow and further decisions made.

What is the difference between evidence and inference?
Evidence is what you can see, touch or hear, it is what the student's do, say make or write!

What is a Problem of Practice?
This is something you care about that would make a difference to student learning if you improved it. It helps to focus the attention of the A focus on explicit student reflection tools

Where does the Problem of Practice come from?
It comes from data, dialogue and current work. It could come from a school's AIP/Strategic Plan

Do PLT Leaders join a Triad?
Yes. Team Leaders will draw from the Leadership base within the school to form Triads.

Does a Triad have a leader?
All members of the Triad share the leadership role

Who monitors the Triad?
The PLT leader monitors the Triad through PLT meetings.

How ofter does the Triad meet?
Ideally the Triad would meet weekly, however a fortnightly occurrence could be acceptable

Who chooses the Triads?
This is a school based decision. There would be an expectation of consultaion at the workplace in order to determine exact groupings.

Who has access to the Triad records?
Schools will develop their own processes in a culture of collaboration.


Who should be the PLT Leader?
The choice of PLT Leaders is a school based decision. Schools may utilise the members of their current Leadership Team to take up the mantle of leading a PLT. However, Principals may recognise the qualities of potential leaders within their school who may be ideal to lead a Professional Learning Team.

How often would a PLT meet?
At least twice per term. It is recommended that a PLT meet at the commencement of the term to set the agenda, protocols and expectations of the team and then meet at the end of the Term as a follow up to review and plan the next cycle of work.

Can a leader operate a PLT without regional training?
The region encourages all PLT leaders to undertake the appropriate training in order to establish consistency and integrity

How does the team leader maintain focus on teaching and learning?
Stick to the evidence. What is the evidence that supports that idea?