The Breakthrough Framework, adapted from Fullan, Hill and Crevola’s,
Breakthrough, defines the moral purpose of teaching and provides professional learning teams and triads with an effective framework with which to reflect on their practice. The framework promotes the continual seeking of best practice in order to ‘raise the bar for all as it closes the gap’. (Fullan, Hill & Crevola, 2006)

The core components are outlined as follows:

· Personalisation places the learner at the centre and is tailored to the students learning and motivational needs.
· Precision focuses on accurate information/data on individual progress which is built into daily practice.
· Professional Learning ensures focused, ongoing learning for each and every teacher.

The next layer of the diagram represents the 6 components under which quality teaching and learning takes place:

· Whole school approach
· Building leadership capacity
· Building teacher capacity
· Effective use of student data
· Student intervention
· Partnering with schools and communities

Professional learning teams and triads have a moral and intellectual responsibility to learn from each other and contribute what they know to others.