The seven principles are designed to underpin the delivery of high quality professional learningto improve student outcomes at all levels of the system. They make explicit the key characteristics of effective professional learning and provide a common language for describing good practice. Central to the vision is recognition that, as professionals, teachers need to update their skills and knowledge continuously, not only in response to a changing world but in response to new research and emerging knowledge about teaching and learning.

Effective professional learning focuses on developing the core attributes of an effective teacher. It enhances teachers’ understanding of the content they teach and equips them with a range of strategies that enable students to learn that content. It is directed to providing teachers with the skills to teach and assess for deep understanding and to develop students’ metacognitive skills.

At a broader and more ambitious level, the Principles will lay the foundation for the development of a culture where schools are routinely and typically seen as places where both teachers and students learn, where professional learning is a normal part of every teacher’s daily routine rather than something extra that teachers are required to do.In short, they aim to embed professional learning in the daily work and culture of every school and the system as a whole.